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Almost Harry/Draco

Harry/Draco pre-slash, friendship, and more

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Almost H/D
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Welcome to almost_hd! The purpose of this community is to provide a forum for sharing Harry/Draco stories that sort of... aren't. Pre-slash, gen (or het) with slash undertones, near encounters that just miss, unrequited interest or obsession, anything that is almost but possibly not quite H/D. Perhaps it seems unnecessary to create an entire community just for these stories, but I know that as a writer I often find myself not knowing exactly how or where to post these things, and even less how to label them. To post them as H/D often seems misleading, as does posting them as gen.

As your mod, I am aware that our definitions of what constitutes H/D slash (or not) may be slightly different for everyone, so I am going to let those definitions remain broad. Established relationship and outright romance fic, however, are definitely inappropriate to the community and will not be welcomed, nor will any off-topic or non-fic posts. Stories including other pairings, slash or het, are absolutely acceptable as long as the H/D almost-relationship is present and central to the story. Blatantly inappropriate posts will be deleted. Membership is open to anyone. Those who flame or who violate the community's few rules more than once will be banned. All fic over 100 words must be placed behind a cut.

Please include the following information when posting a piece of fiction:

Author name
Warnings (if applicable)
Summary (not required for 100-word drabbles that aren't behind a cut)

Additional notes may be included, as long as none of this information has been omitted. You may also post works of fanart that fit the community's criteria, using the same format (as appropriate) and placed under a cut. Any questions may be directed to your mod (Emma Grant) by e-mail at emmagrant01@livejournal.com. If you are unsure whether your fic belongs in this community, please feel free to ask. Problems will be dealt with as they arise.

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